March 17, 2011

awkward and awesome thursday

  • It's March 17th & it's snowing outside. I think my city's weather is confused. It's St. Patrick's Day not Christmas
  • I am still trying to figure Twitter out. It's a process.
  • Going for lunch with one of my girlfriends yesterday & trying to dodge old co-workers. Extremely awkward.
  • a snoring puppeh.
  • Getting my passport pictures taken on Sunday. Do these photos EVER look good?? What is with hair tucked behind the ears etc. It's just not cute no matter what. Ew.
  • Trying to find something green to wear. Apparently I own nothing of this colour.
  • Blogger continuing to correct my spelling of 'colour.' Yes, we Canadians add a 'u' in there. It's what we do. Is there an option to change my language to English (Canada)?
  • I have a wine date night with one of my girlfriends tonight. Playing catch up on her wedding details. It's coming so fast!
  • I have a hair appointment later this afternoon. Love being pampered. The salon I go to is owned by an amazing guy and I am really good friends with his sister so It's pampering/bonding time and they feed me wine as well =)
  • My friend from Calgary is coming to town for the weekend & I get to spend some time with her tomorrow!
  • My friends and I are officially booking our May long weekend vegas trip this weekend. I have never been there and I wouldn't do my first time any other way than go with my girls!!
  • I am attending a Fundraiser on Tuesday at a local(ish) restaraunt, Famoso Pizza (my good friend Lindsay works there). All proceeds go to The Red Cross for the Earthquake/Tsunami Relief. I am so excited to be a part of this. We need to do all we can to help the people of Japan!
  • Puppeh is keeping my tootsie's warm. 
  • My girl friends. I don't need to say more than that. My friends. They are awesome.
I think I have a bigger list of awesome. I am more than okay with that.


Heather M said...

I love when the good out weighs the bad!! Lokks like you have LOTS and lots of fun planned!!! I Love getting my hair done, its so relaxing! Come follow me on twitter so we can chat!!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love that salon time! You will have to post some after photos :)

Kristen Laudick Photography said...

I don't own anything green either.

Yay for a big awesome list! And wine night!

Mel said...

hahah I love the passport photo one. That's so true! I happened to wear a tube top when I got mine. BIG mistake. I look naked!

Belle in the City said...

love being pampered at the salon!! goodness, I can't believe it is snowing there..yuck! it is suppose to be 80 here tomorrow and I am sooo excited, just wish I lived closer to the beach!

Belle in the City said...

ps add me on twitter @thesarahlucas

Claire said...

haha, we spell colour with the 'u' too :) oh and FavoUrite XX

Vanessa said...

Sweet, you will almost be near me when you come to Vegas. I hope you have fun.

It's color not colour :)

Renée said...

Love this post!

Ash said...

snow?!?! in march?? yikes! you better stay warm with some brewskies ;) and I personally, like the extra "u" in your words.. wish I was cool like that... ;)

Anna said...

Ugggh I need a hair appointment SO bad.

Natalia Lynn said...

ssuuuuch a bummer about snow in March! Yikes!

whitney said...

always better to have more awesomes...but the awkwards are always fun too.

feel free to stop by my blog for some of my awkwards/awesomes.

Michelle said...

love this! I'm sorry it was snowing! I love being pampered too!


Emma said...

HAHA mine always does that to!!!!
i wish it had a button that said australiannnnnnn xx