June 8, 2011

post vacation.depression

Hi dolls. I'm back. It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks....or months. My trip to Cancun was fabulous. Many great times with my girls and met a lot of amazing people from Canada, USA and Wales!
 Vancouver friends!
 Representin' Canada.
 me favorite.

 Gorgeous Sunset
 Best sushi ever at Katsu-ya.

Also, I recently got back from Banff from my best friends wedding. It was beautiful, elegant, loving and bittersweet. Of course I am so excited for the happy couple but I can't help but realize that one chapter is closing. Michelle will always be my best friend but as they move on....move to another Province, I can't help but be sad that I won't get to see her whenever I want. I cherish the memories I have with her and will cherish the future memories even more.  Pictures to follow soon once they come back from the photographer!

I hope to catch up with all of you really soon and see what you have all been up to. Thank you so so much for those of you that sent extremely sweet e-mails just checking in on me. You are so amazing and such sweet, beautiful friends.